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New book - Dinopix

                 From the Desk of Chrysalis
 New book - Dinopix

Hi all,

I just stumbled upon a new dino book in the store that I don't remember being
mentioned here so I will pass it on. The book is called "Dinopix" by a
Japanese author (and artist?). I left the ISBN and more information at home
but can get it if anyone is interested.

What it is is a collection of pictures, these seem to me to be real
photographs of various places in the world, some civilized, some undeveloped.
In these pictures he has placed a dinosaur of some sort. The renderings are
quite lifelike and believable.

The pictures are things like T-Rex in Manhatten, some sauropod on the beach at
Monterey, etc. There are some people in some of the pictures but they are not
reacting to the dinos, just they are in the same place at the same time.

About $18.95 if I recall correctly and looks well worth it.