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Re: Dinosaur Discussion List Dictionary

>In a message dated 95-10-15 15:12:03 EDT, SCox@mail.lnd.coretech.com
>(Sabrina) writes:
>>Bravo Rachel!!  About damn time someone asked a good question.  Truth be 
>>told, I was wondering the same thing.  When are we going to get the 
>>Dinosaur Discussion List dictionary?? :)
>When someone compiles it!
>It would be too much to ask of any one list member to sit down and write up
>something like this. But suppose every interested member of the list sat down
>and wrote up the definition of just ONE favorite dinosaur term and e-mailed
>it to the group (or just to me). I would save the definitions in a separate
>file in alphabetical order on my hard drive, review them as they come in,
>edit them for clarity, figure out what terms should be included but no one
>has written up (and somehow get them written up), and after a while, when the
>smoke clears and we have a hundred or so terms in the file, e-mail the
>multi-authored product to Mickey Rowe.
>If you're interested, start doing it! Use a convenient Subject header such as
>the one for this posting, so I'll know what's coming.

   ...and I'd be happy to put it up on my web page.

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