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Re: Coffee cups

>I know this is only marginal and frivolous, but... I just broke my coffee cup 
>and need to replace it.  It is a dark green cup with a sauropod molded on the 
>side.  The handle is the sauropod neck and it sat (past tense) at an odd
>Yes it was cool and I have never seen anything quite like it.  Help me out.  I 
>need to order a couple more for the late nights I work here.

    I am desperately searching for just such a type(s) of coffee cup(s) to
carry in my store.  So far I have struck out.  If you find out the company
that makes such beasties, please let me know.

    BTW, your old cup should have a manufacturer's name on it somewhere.  If
you still have it, take a look.  If you do indeed find a name let me have it
and you may be able to buy a replacement from me.

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