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Dinosaur Discussion List Dictionary

In a message dated 95-10-15 15:12:03 EDT, SCox@mail.lnd.coretech.com
(Sabrina) writes:

>Bravo Rachel!!  About damn time someone asked a good question.  Truth be 
>told, I was wondering the same thing.  When are we going to get the 
>Dinosaur Discussion List dictionary?? :)

When someone compiles it!

It would be too much to ask of any one list member to sit down and write up
something like this. But suppose every interested member of the list sat down
and wrote up the definition of just ONE favorite dinosaur term and e-mailed
it to the group (or just to me). I would save the definitions in a separate
file in alphabetical order on my hard drive, review them as they come in,
edit them for clarity, figure out what terms should be included but no one
has written up (and somehow get them written up), and after a while, when the
smoke clears and we have a hundred or so terms in the file, e-mail the
multi-authored product to Mickey Rowe.

If you're interested, start doing it! Use a convenient Subject header such as
the one for this posting, so I'll know what's coming.