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Re: Are questions allowed?

>To all members on the list:
>I am the youngest person on this list, 13 years old, and I find this 
>list as
>a great educational opportunity for me.  I like dinosaurs and I like 
>anything I can about them.  But I am not familiar with many of the terms 
>such mentioned in the postings, and I get very confused and lost as I go
>through the digests.  Would anyone mind if I ask what a term or passage
>means?  And if I do ask, would anyone mind helping me out?  I would be 
>better at participating if I knew what was being discussed.
>Thank you!  I'm sorry about my ignorance, but I will be less ignorant if 
>learn about what I am ignorant of.
>Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)

Bravo Rachel!!  About damn time someone asked a good question.  Truth be 
told, I was wondering the same thing.  When are we going to get the 
Dinosaur Discussion List dictionary?? :)

Sabrina Cox
Let me know if you don't receive this.
"To err is human, but to really foul up requires a computer." - Anonymous