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trackways, locations of

Where exactly is the Paluxy formation?  Weishampel et al., 
_The Dinosauria_, p. 95, has an outline map which indicates 
somewhere north of Dallas.  Where exactly is it and is it easy
to find?  _The Dinosauria_ marks additional trackways a little to
the northeast in south central Oklahoma and further east in extreme
S.W. Arkansas.  Which, if any, of these are readily visited by a
traveller passing through, and which, if any, are worth a detour
to see?

Since someone mentioned "Croazia" on the list several days ago, I
was wondering about the trackways in Istria (the peninsula south
of Trieste)...are they accessible to the public and worth seeing?
Where exactly are they? (_The Blue Guide to Yugoslavia_ doesn't
seem to mention them.)

George Pesely                peselyg@lynx.apsu.edu
Department of History
Austin Peay State University
Clarksville, Tennessee 37044