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Re: The End of an Era

>This is part of the current trend in down-sizing of government, and it is
>nothing new (Marsh got fired from the USGS in 1892, for example).
>Nevertheless, this puts many of my colleagues out on the streets,
>employment-wise, and breaks up what once the largest concentration of
>paleontological expertise in one institution.

This little piece of info is rather depressing for this undergraduate. =
 Granted, by the time I do my dissertation, things may be in a better light,=
 but I'm not too optimistic.  I have always expected to be flipping burgers=
 for a couple of years before I do find a job within this field, but it=
 looks like I could be doing so far longer than I anticipated.  Still,=
 forewarned is forarmed I guess (not to be humerus:-).


The pun is the lowest form of humor
     --Unless you thought of it first!!!