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Re: Re: Temp in Cretaceous

>I have to ask, where was Alaska at the time? I mean in the continental
>positioning scheme during the Cretaceous. Was it farther south, north, east,
>or west of the present position? Also, the surrounding ocean temps played a

Previously, Alaska was thought to be further north.  The data are more
ambiguous now, but it was probably at a comparable latitude.

>role, didn't it? Global weather patterns surely were very different. Were
>there not many more shallow seas, globally?

The shallow seas were probably the major factor in keeping more stable, less
vairable continental temps. during the later Mesozoic.  The middle
Cretaceous is one of the greatest oceanic highstands in the last 500 million
years, and even the Late Cretaceous was fairly flooded.

> What about Antarctic dino's? Was
>it in the same place, vastly warmer, and so on?

Antarctica was probably further north (not hard to do :-) ) during the
Mesozoic, since its presence at the pole during the mid Cenozoic is probably
the major factor in global cooling.

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