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Numbers of dinos at any one time

Whenever you calculate the numbers of dinosaur species and genera, for
heaven's sake don't forget to consider ichnotaxa: the footprints. While
ichnotaxonomy is still a horrid mess, there is no question that footprints
indicate a much greater dinosaur diversity than do skeletal remains--even
though footprint taxa are terribly oversplit. Look at the Stormberg
trackways, sometimes showing a dozen or more distinct dinosaur species on a
single slab! And look at how many of the trackways belong to smaller
dinosaurs (particularly the ubiquitous theropods), which frequently outnumber
the large forms by an order of magnitude. The world was crawling with dinos
during the Mesozoic, folks.

Estimates such as a mere 100 dinosaur species per epoch are absurdly low
unless you're talking about the very beginnings of the dinosaurs during the
Middle Triassic.