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Re: Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus

You give hypothetical names, such as long necks. Why couldn't we name 
them with new words. I have enjoyed Mark Schultz's "Xenozoic Tales" comic 
for ages, and he manages to refer to different types of dinosaur and 
creature with a wide range of names, some with very clever references. 
Examples include
        Quetzalcoatlus                  rukh
        Pterosaurs ( general)           zeke
        Tyrannosaurus                   shivat
        Allosaurus                      cutter
        Iguanodon                       wonmug
        Stegoceras                      mugwump
        Triceratops                     mack
        Styracosaurus                   brollie
        Monoclonius( Centrosaurus)      goombah
        Baryonyx                        kroat
I know some sound a little dinky, but why not use rukh? After all, 
consider its original meaning : the Arabian elephant bird, or sometimes 
caled the roc. I think some of them have nice rings to them.
                                                Marcus Good