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Re: Temp in Cretaceous

>From: Lightwaves@aol.com
 > I have to ask, where was Alaska at the time? I mean in the continental
 > positioning scheme during the Cretaceous. Was it farther south, north, east,
 > or west of the present position?

It was not much different - it has rotated a little, and moved a little
west since then.  The particular location where the dinosaurs were found,
the North Slope, was actually slightly further north (if I remember

 >  Also, the surrounding ocean temps played a
 > role, didn't it? Global weather patterns surely were very different.

Absolutely.  The Late Cretaceous had a "hothouse" climate.  That is
global temperatures were notably higher than now. (But if the greenhouse
warming contiunues we may get to see what it was like first hand).

The best estimate is that the North slope climate was cool temperate,
maritime.  That is on the cool side, but with very little freezing,
even in winter.

 > Were
 > there not many more shallow seas, globally?

Not by the Late Maastrichtian - most of the inland seas had receded
by then.

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