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Temp in Cretaceous

You are taking the occasional frosts too far.  The temperatures in Alaska
today during the winter are a far cry from the temperate winters during the
end Cretaceous.  While Alaska was colder than the tropics in the Cretaceous,
it was mild temperate and therefore nearly always above freezing.  There was
when we wrote the paper, and probably still is, a question about winter for
the dinosaurs on the North Slope--did they migrate south for the winter or
stay put?  We suggested that they could stay put--winters were not that
cold, there were plenty of warmer water and forests where they could find
shelter, lots of ground litter, aquatic plants, and woody shrubs to munch
on, and on the negative side a long one-way migration to reach evergreen
vegetation and warmth.  We figured that the distance was too great for a
juvenile to hike down and back.  So, in a long answer to your question, they
did not need too much warmth because it did not reach extremely cold winter