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Re: Temp. in Cretaceous "Montana"?

>P.S. Stupid beginner question: I'd had the notion in my brain that
>birds evolved from the theropod dinosaurs, but I read recently that
>they eveolved from ornithiscians? Is that right?
>I don't knwo how I get confused like that.

Actually, this type of confusion goes on all the time, and in many cases it
causes some problems (this is why I grudgingly accept cladistic
information).  The case of birds and ornithicians, is an example of
convergent evolution, where two unrelated groups of animals develop similar
forms.  Usually, this is due to similar environmental pressures; but as I
think about it, what kind of pressures would cause birds and ornithician
dinosaurs to develop the same type of hip?  I'm afraid my knowledge of
theropod anatomy is hazy at best.  Any ideas from the experts?


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