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Re: Tail Dragging( was cheek ... (fwd)

> Lightwaves@aol.com
> <<At the Clayton, New Mexico trackway there is plain and clear evidence that
> at some times dinosaurs did indeed drag their tails.>>
> What kind of dinosaur are these from?

I think it's worth saying that all reported tail 'drag' marks represent only the
tips of tails - the tracks do not show that the tail was bent ground-wards on
leaving the sacrum, as it does in lizards. Therefore, the main 'body' of the
tail is not dragging, as artists and museum curators till the late 70s would
have us believe, and a tail that sticks more or less straight out behind the
body can still drag its end couple of cms in a dinosaur that is rearing slightly
while walking. Similarly, any bird with long tail coverts will drag the tips
when walking with neck raised, though the tail itself cannot be said to drag.

Does this confuse things or what? Maybe I'd best shut-up.

(I said Galton did the cheek stuff. But it was McGowan wasn't it? Sorry Chris..)