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Re: Unnamed groups

In a message dated 95-10-12 00:05:36 EDT, wraddatz@wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us
(Warren Raddatz) writes:

>        I asked this a few days ago and have recieved no answers so am
>re-asking. What is an "unnamed group". There are many on the cladograms in
>The Dinosauria with descriptions of them but no reason as to why they are
>unnamed. Are they just suposition, unpublished or disputed? Thanks in
>                        -Jen

Cladists have been taking heat for littering the literature with taxonomic
names for minor nodes in their cladograms, so recently they have taken to
leaving such nodes nameless. Basically, such nodes are not considered
important enough (or strongly enough supported in their analyses) to be given