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Rex? (was Re: Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus)

In a message dated 95-10-11 19:35:18 EDT, RaptorRKC@aol.com writes:

>Yes, but rex has been a well-established popular name for _Tyrannosaurus
>rex_.  Yes, I know about _Aliwalia rex_, _Othnielia rex_, _Edwarka rex_,
>etc., but these dinosaurs aren't even well-known to the public.  So let's
>just call T. rex REX.
>If you hate raptor when re: to dromaeosaurs, maybe you could create a
>different spelling for it and still have it sound the same.  I will
>adopt the new spelling, to avoid confusion with birds-of-prey raptors.
> Anyone?

Personally, I'd rather refer to _Tyrannosaurus rex_ as Tyrannosaurus.  "Rex"
sounds more like a dog's name.  I also agree that "raptors" are more properly
birds of prey.  I've always disliked the name being applied to dromaeosaurs.
 Why not just call them "dromaeosaurs"?  With all the taxonomic discussions
here these days, I'd say it's inviting trouble to have two distinct groups
within Dinosauria being referred to as "raptors" (dromaeosaurs and
birds-of-prey).  Better to keep the established usage of raptor=bird-of-prey
(by the way, is this group monophyletic, anyone? - I'm not too up-to-date on
my avian taxonomy) and dromaeosaur=dromaeosaur.
But that's just me :o)