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Re: Planet of Life

> Just wanted to say that this show is great!  The animation is just
> incredible, some of the best sequences I have seen.  To see Opabinia
> (sp?) and Hallucinaginia come to life was unbelievable!  I can't
> wait for the dinosaur segment!

     In the preveiw I saw for the next episode, the breif glimpses of the 
Diplodocus CG look pretty good, but there was a closeup of the head
that looked like a hand puppet that was absolutely horrific.  The 
Icthyostega sequences in the last episode included at least a couple of 
puppet shots of the head, and they sucked too.  I ahve to agree that the 
CG shots are very impressive.  I'm sorry to hear that Planet of Life is 
only four episodes.  I would like to see a long lasting paleontology 
series that really takes its time to go over the diverse life forms 
and issues of paleo in detail.  

LN Jeff