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Re: Dinosaur fiction is more real than fact

> I thought the Stegosaurus specimen discovered by Carpenter and Small--the 
> same one that "proved" the arrangement of plates and thagomizers--also 
> showed evidence of (to quote a Dinosaur Society newsletter) "an armor 
> basket or shield of small bony knobs protecting its throat." Maybe 
> Crichton misinterpreted the "armor basket" as cheek pouches?

     One of the first specimens to come out of Garden Park, I think an 
AMNH specimen, also had the throat ossicles.  If you have the Dinosaurs, 
Past and Present books, check out the Czerkas article.  I'm pretty sure 
he has a really nice monograph(?) picture of the old specimen. The remounted 
stegosaur in the new PJ exhibit at DMNH has been given throat ossicles. 

LN Jeff