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Re: Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus

Martz writes:

>T.rex isn't the only dinosaur with rex as a species name.  
>Personally, I hate "raptor".  It creates potential confusion with the 
>modern flighted predaceous birds, for whom the name is already well 

Yes, but rex has been a well-established popular name for _Tyrannosaurus
rex_.  Yes, I know about _Aliwalia rex_, _Othnielia rex_, _Edwarka rex_,
etc., but these dinosaurs aren't even well-known to the public.  So let's
just call T. rex REX.

If you hate raptor when re: to dromaeosaurs, maybe you could create a
different spelling for it and still have it sound the same.  I will certainly
adopt the new spelling, to avoid confusion with birds-of-prey raptors.

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)