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<<For those of you for whom this is new, this means that most 
ornithischians had cheeks (except a few basal forms).  This includes: 
stegosaurs, ankylosaurs, hpysilophodonts, iguanodonts, hadrosaurs, 
ceratopsians, pachycephalosaurs, and so on.>>

Didn't Greg Paul in a paper a few years ago argue that all 
Ornithischians (including Lesthosaurs and such) had cheeks that 
they inhereted from a common phytodinosaurian ancestor with 
segnosaurs?  Even if Segnosaurs do turn out to be theropods (which 
they won't), does this idea seem reasonable?  Is Greg Paul still on 
the list?

Peter Buchholz

Go Mariners!