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Re: Baja-ing Dinosaurs

<<If you will excuse the poor rendition, you will note that it is built 
low to  the ground, with the wheels placed far from the chassis.  This 
spreads out the weight of the vehicle over a wide area, allowing it to 
navigate even the steepest dunes.  The point I have been trying to 
make, is that ceratopians are designed in a similar manner.  
Therefore, I am suggesting that the reason that these forms are so 
similar, is due to similar environments and selective pressures.>>

Does this place the tires NOT directly underneath the car; but off to 
the sides?  Ceratopians weren't built that way.  Their elbows stuck 
out to the side, but their hands were underneath their shoulders 
(roughly).  I don't care how many ruberbands you tie to the bones, 
the trackways show that Ceartopian forelimbs didn't sprawl in the 
traditional liziard-sence; i.e. with the hands NOT directly underneath 
the shoulders.  They stuck their elbows out to the side, and not to 
the rear, while holding their hands underneath their shoulders sort-of. 
This isn't really sprawling (if you ask me it isn't), but a re-arrangement 
of the pectoral girdle still in an errect state.  I hope you all 

Peter Buchholz

Go Mariners!