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>From: "D.W.Naish" <dwn194@soton.ac.uk>
 > it's been known for quite a
 > considerable length of time now that stegosaurs, like all the genasaurians, 
 > had
 > cheeks analogous to those of mammals ...

For those of you for whom this is new, this means that most ornithischians
had cheeks (except a few basal forms).  This includes: stegosaurs, ankylosaurs,
hpysilophodonts, iguanodonts, hadrosaurs, ceratopsians, pachycephalosaurs,
and so on.

[BTW, with cheeks hadrosaurs most definately do NOT look "duck-billed"].
 > I find the stegosaur character in the book very silly - its tail droops,
 > it snuffles like a giant hedgehog, and ..so on.

Yech!  Drooping tails have long since been thrown out by serious students
of dinosaurs.

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