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Re: Evolutionary theory and more

>From: egood@vax7.curtin.EDU.AU
 > such as the Red Queen, ...

Red Queen is a reference to Alice Through the Looking Glass.
In that book the Red Queen said "we have to run as hard as we can just to
stay in one place".  In ecological usage this usually refers to the idea
of a predator/prey arms race. It *might* be mentioned as such in Ricklef's
 > The next question is totally unrelated : How big was Troodon? "Predatory 
 > Dinosaurs of the World" gives a weight, but no dimensions. Just from 
 > looking at it, I would guess 5-6 ft tall, and about 7-8 ft long. Is this 
 > way off, or about right?

Not way off, but I think maybe a little bit off.
If I remember right it was about 3-4 feet tall at the hips - which really
is close to 7 feet long counting tail.

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