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Re: Baja-ing Dinosaurs

<< Actually, studies of Torosaurus forelimbs indicate that 
(sorry,Dr. Bob) ceratopian forelimbs did indeed splay out. >>

    Since when did we have forelimbs from Torosaurus?  
    I thought that they showed that they didn't splay out as much 
(hence my original comment); and that they held their hands 
underneath themselves, not way out like in a lizard (and, I am 
assuming in the old-style mount).  Even if you don't agree with Uncle 
Bob (I'll kill you Darren for making me say that), you have to agree 
that the trackways show that ceratopian hands were about as wide 
apart as their feet.
    How is the front suspension of dune-buggies like:
(These pictures are from the front).

       *****************                            ******************
      /                     \                        ----
    /                         \           or        |
    \                         /                      |
                                  |   ?

The first picture is more like what a ceratopian's limbs were like, the
second is more like the traditional ceratopian mount however.
    Uterly confused.

Peter Buchholz

There is no 's' in ceratopian, or any derivative thereof