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Dear People.

Hello, my name is Ian Sadler and I am a final year degree student at Nene 
College Northampton in England majoring in Earth Science; my additional 
subject for this year is fossils and evolution.  I was referred to the group 
by Betty Cunningham so thanks Betty if you read this.

My particular interest is meteorology.  I am presenting a seminar on 
climate/amino acids and early life forms; I also intend to look at insect 
evolution, shark evolution and, one of my main fascinations - the 
relationship between dinosaurs and modern day birds (I fly paragliders). For 
the latter subject I am presenting an extended essay and leading a seminar 

I have access to 2 good libraries and have started to accumulate a great 
deal of information on birds/dinosaurs, sharks but am finding early 
climate/amino acids and information relating to insects harder to come by.  
I realise that these subjects are a bit away from the centre of the group 
discussions, but if anyone can point me in the direction of any reference 
sources I would greatly appreciate it.  

Lastly, my own speciality is meteorology (more modern day) so if I can help 
anyone with that I will.  I also studied psychology for three years (degree 
level) so if there are any fellow students out there I can help then once 
again I'll do my best.

My fax number is        0044 1604 705679        if anyone cares to use for 
sending information.

Yours sincerely

Ian Sadler