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Re: DINOSAUR digest 636

>Last saturday night the episode about Dr. Sereno(sp?) and his team in 
>suggested a pair of new dinos. they were looking for Spinosaur, but 
>other species instead. Two other species. Besides being VERY sketchy in
>details the program was downright confusing. Does anyone know what these
>dinosaurs turn out to be, besides the generalized info provided?>
>Roger A. Stephenson

I *THINK* that the dinosaur they were referring to is _Afrovenator 
abakensis_.  I'm not really sure.  I have an article from the Chicago Sun 
Times, dated October 24, 1994, about two findings of Sereno's in the 
Sahara during a 1993 exhibition.  The other one, an unnamed sauropod (as 
of the article)  I'm not sure if this is the one from the episode or not. 
 I was also a little confused and didn't follow it very well.  The 
_Afrovenator_ is also featured on page 26 of the February 1995 issue of 
Popular Science.

Sabrina Cox