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Re: Baja-ing Dinosaurs

> Haven't Triceratops' elbows been shown to  stick out not nearly as far
> previously thought (or at all if you ask Uncle Bob)?  I still don't get the
> idea of dune-buggy suspension; I guess I'd have to take a better look at a
> dune-buggy...

     It has been shown recently that ceratopsian forelimbs really did 
sprawl.  I think the reason was that if you 
give the forelimbs an upright posture like Bakker did, you are seperating the 
scaplula-corocoids instead of them being in contact with each other like 
they are supposed to be.  If I'm not getting my studies crossed, it was 
done playing around with Torosaurus bones.  I can't remember who was 
involved.  DId Ostrom have something to do with it?  

LN Jeff