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Dino eggs

> I have recently read a short booklet from an exhibition of Dinosaur Eggs
> which are being prepared by a English fossil Preparator here in Leicester
> England.
> There are some spectacular pictures of embryonic Dinosaurs in quite
> remarkable states of preservation. I have never read any reference to this
> research. Does anybody have any information on this project which I
> beleieve might be spoinsored by Cambridge University?

Yes Garry, I know about it.

I have been working on the project from the beginning, so I know a 
fair amount about it.  The eggs are beautifully prepared by Terry 
Manning.  The display has been sponsored by Cambridge, but the 
research has been farmed out to a variety of places, including us in 
Scotland.  A friend of mine at the Glasgow Vet. School is looking at 
some of the soft-part preservation and I had a look at the eggshell 
and other details during their preparation.  The big problem with the 
eggs is how much they cost!  At the moment, no museum in the UK would 
be able to afford the eggs without a major (and I mean MAJOR) 
sponsor.  Terry is keen that the eggs should be held in a UK museum, 
but my guess is that the consortium he represents is going to go 
where the money is.

Anyway, if you want to know more, contact me....