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Oh Boy!!

Hi Everybody! 
                I've got a new toy and boy is it fun. I just bought The
Dinosauria and can hardly wait to memorize every word. One slight problem I
understand the anatomy and that part of it but the terminology for the
cladistics is all but a faint memory from the university. Any books out
there that give definitions of synapomorphies and such? Also how can they
have "Unknown" critters at the node for so many groups? They even describe
defining characteristics. Are they not described yet or is it guess work
based on educated opinions?
Thats all for now but I will probably have tons more questions as I slog
through. Thanks!
                                        -Jennifer(in heaven)wanna be 
Warren Raddatz aka Lord Sigurd Stormrider of Wolveshaven
 (Mundanely)         (Society for Creative Anacronisms)
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