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It now being well established and accepted (by MOST) that _Nemegtosaurus_, and
_Quaesitosaurus_ too, are late Cret descendants of the dicraeosaurs, why give
them their own family? Last I saw they were in the Dicraeosauridae - has there
been something new that warrants a family for them? (Or is it just

(I am aware of something by Upchurch and Barrett. Is this the stuff? If so - or
if not - ref please).

"How long, an act of sensation with NO LIMITS"


Oh yeah - you wondering how Crichton got around having an island for 'Lost
World' when it got nucked at the end of JP the book? Easy - there was a second,
back-up island all along! (So we _don't_ need _Pachycephalosaurus_ and
_Carnotaurus_ in the first book after all.)