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>SINRAPTORIDAE: Dr Holtz... You noted (back on 12 Sept) that the only
>families left in Carnosauria (at least, under your view) were Allosauridae
>(ok, I know what an Allosaurus is) and Sinraptoridae. That second one I
>can't find anywhere in Dinosaur (Society) Encyclopedia. Discovering
>Dinosaurs (AMNH) mentions "Sinornis" but that seems to be a bird. Ultimate
>Dinosaur Book mentions a Sinosaurus that is early Jurassic; is that the
>one? What happened to all of the other families that the reference books
>ascribe to Carnosauria? Are things changing so fast that a book published
>in 1993 is now totally out of date? Sheesh.... I'll never get a tree done.
>What are you Paleontologists DOING, writing this on a blackboard? <smile>

Yes, any book published before September 1994 is out-of-date. :-)

Sinraptoridae is the family containing Sinraptor and Yangchuanosaurus.
Sinraptor was not formally named until 1994.

>MARINE REPTILES: We all know that Plesiosaur and Mosasaur and all that
>bunch are "marine reptiles" rather than "dinosaurs". But, just out of
>curiosity, is there any evidence of "marine dinosaurs"? (The dino
>equivalent of the whale and dolphin.)

The extant marine dinosaurs are called 'penguins'.

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