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Re: Baja-ing Dinosaurs

>     Please elaborate a little bit on exactly what about the Tricertops was=
>dune buggyish, and how that would have worked well in desert environment.

The basic premise of my argument is an explanation of why the sprawling=
 forlimb posture evolved in the first place.  This is why I used=
 Protoceratops.  As for Triceratops, look at what happens when one takes a=
 vehicle designed for rough, unstable terrain, and use it in a stable=
 environment (a forest, for example).  That vehicle was originally designed=
 for stability, with a low center of gravity; as well as built to be highly=
 manuverable (necessary if one is to be dune-busting).  The Triceratops is=
 built in a similar manner; it is very low to the ground, with its feet=
 planted away from the body, giving it a stable "suspension."  Likewise, the=
 forlimb posture would have enabled the ceratopian to turn on a dime by=
 planting one foot, and rotating around it.  This would also mean that it=
 wouldn't have to slow down to turn (a definate advantage).  This=
 combination of characteristics would make a Triceratops moving at full tilt=
 very hard to catch; a survival advantage.

Therefore, the sprawling posture in this group explains why they were so=
 successful in the Late Cretaceous; the theropods simply couldn't catch them=


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