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How to get dinosaur art!

I have found a company that offers quality replicas of dinosaur art!  It is
called Scheele Fine Arts.  The magazine in which I found their article is a
few years old, but I called them up and they are still in business.  There is
a full-color catalogue, but I don't know how much it costs right now.  In
1993 it costed $10.00!  Some of the artists SFA supports (couldn't find the
right word) are G.S. Paul, Doug Henderson, Brian Franczak, John Gurche, John
Sibbick, Mark Hallett -- you get the idea.  They have a fax number, but heck,
I forget it.  This is how you can reach them:

write to 

Scheele Fine Arts 
P.O. Box 18869 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

or call


If anyone has any luck with SFA, please notify me!

The best,

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)