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Dino Notes

I'm really enjoying this list and the interesting people here.
Thank you for having me, and thanks to Dino Society for publishing
the address.
Various reference books list the following as part of Carnosauria.
Assuming that they are no longer there, where are they?
Lo, how the mighty carnosaurs have fallen....
I wrote:
>RETURN TO THE TREES (#612): DinoGeorge, old buddy... Leopards take their
>kills up a tree so they can enjoy them in peace without having other
>predators come around looking for a handout. Perhaps that is another
>reason for archosaurs returning to trees. After all, a Leopard has little
>to fear that it cannot outrun on flat ground, and there are very few
>gazelles up there in the trees to be caught.
Right. But it's not a life-and-death issue with them. They're using trees
because trees happen to be there and they happen to be able to climb them.
They could certainly enjoy their repasts elsewhere, if, for example, trees
weren't available.
If there were no trees there, you wouldn't be trying to figure out why
they reverted to tree-climbing, so there were trees there and going up
there to safeguard their dinners is at least something to consider.
1. Doesn't need arms. Dogs don't need them, nor do Eagles. Irimoti cats
use only their teeth to kill birds, & never EVER use their claws on prey.
2. Doesn't need big eyes. Eyes and a brain the size of an Eagle can
see smaller Prey than T-Rex could eat at longer distances than he
would ever need to see.
3. Well developed sense of smell is a key requirement for a hunter.
Rotting meat stinks enough that any ol' smeller will catch it.
4. I'll let others deal with locomotion and speed, and I think they have.
5. My fossil dealer tells me that once of his sources has a hadrosaur
vertebra with a T-rex tooth stuck in it and healed over. That should
resolve the question of "not a T-rex tooth". The problem is (and here
is a good argument against private collectors) that particular specimin
is in the hands of a private collector who found it himself and refuses
to sell it. He is, however, considering selling casts of it. This does
show a need for some kind of incentive for private finders of key
fossils to at least let a real scientist look at it, draw it, and
photocopy it. This one fossil (assuming it's not just a story, and
assuming an amateur can correctly identify a T-rex tooth) would make the
entire Horner theory go away, IF it can ever find its way into the lit.
If some of you real scientists are interested, I'll try to convince Al
to arrange a meeting, but the collector is reportedly VERY paranoid
at letting real scientists near enough to his find to confiscate it.
DINOSAUR ARMOR: Given the Brotosaur chest armor and the extensive studs
on some of the Titanosaurs, these being on the wrong side of the house
from the armored branch of the Ornithiscians, is it possible that most
dinosaurs had at least some studs somewhere? Will we know the REAL
ultimate dino ancestor by his armored butt?
Could someone send me subscription info on that fossil newsgroup?
On second thought, if you really want to hunt down that hadrosaur
vertebra, then call the 800 number I gave earlier and work out your own deal.
I'm not very good at negotiating deals for people.