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In a message dated 95-10-08 15:41:22 EDT, steve.cole@genie.geis.com writes:

>DEFINITION, PLEASE: (#612) Neotheropoda is congruent to Theropoda.
>Ok, George, what does that mean in English?

Well, Tom Holtz, in a published abstract of a talk he'll be giving at the SVP
meeting next month, noted that Theropoda was divided into two great branches,
Ceratosauria and Tetanurae, which he confirms using cladistic analysis. In a
posting to this group several days ago, however, he called the union of the
clades Ceratosauria and Tetanurae "Neotheropoda." I pointed out that the two
clades were thus congruent--that is, they included the same sets of
species--and this generated some discussion that they were not.

Well, if even the cladists can't keep their names straight...