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In a message dated 95-10-08 15:41:22 EDT, steve.cole@genie.geis.com writes:

>RETURN TO THE TREES (#612): DinoGeorge, old buddy... Leopards take their
>kills up a tree so they can enjoy them in peace without having other
>predators come around looking for a handout. Perhaps that is another
>reason for archosaurs returning to trees. After all, a Leopard has little
>to fear that it cannot outrun on flat ground, and there are very few
>gazelles up there in the trees to be caught.

Right. But it's not a life-and-death issue with them. They're using the trees
because trees happen to be there and they happen to be able to climb them.
They could certainly enjoy their repasts elsewhere, if, for example, trees
weren't available.