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Re: Dino Sex

Disclaimer - If you are easily offended by matters of sexuality, then by
all means you need this!

The various problems associated with dinosaur copulation are myriad and
fascinating. We may, of course, never know exactly what transpired but here
are a few random thoughts.

Perhaps the female ate the male after copulation, not unlike various
spiders and insects of today. Perhaps this would explain why male
tyrannosaurids were smaller than their female counterparts. Or... perhaps
due to the ravages of body armor the post-coital male merely bled to death.
The female would have a nice meal to allow her to take it easy while
awaiting her litter, or covey, or bunch, or heard, or flock.

Or... perhaps some big / spikey / or otherwise unsuitable species didn't
copulate at all. Many critters today practice the ultimate safe sex--the
male fertilizes the eggs after the female lays them. This might at least
prevent our poor boy from injuring himself /drowning / crushing his mate /
finding a use for arms that were better suited for needlepoint on a 5-ton
creature / desperately searching for a proper sexual aid at the last
minute, or being laughed at in the dino-hood by the troodons who by virtue
of their larger brains enjoyed the gymnastic displays. This theory is of
course merely speculation.

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