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Re: Dinosaurian mating

About that porcupine mating question
(putting aside all the "very carefullies" that have popped up)

I've never heard of them mating backwards, though I have observed South
American prehensile-tailed porcupines mating.  Granted, their tails are
significantly more maneuverable than the "standard" North American type.
 Their positioning was what most people would consider "typical" for
terrestrial mammals (although I guess that what most people would
consider typical for terrestrial hominid mammals would vary quite a bit
more).  The porcupines' quills aren't particularly dangerous unless the
porcupines want them to be, they can be flattened or raised like the
hair on many mammals.  (You can even pet them, but only in one

Here's one thing that I'd like to throw out -  wouldn't it be more
advantageous for male dinosaurs to have a cloaca further down the tail
(as in many turtles), perhaps even so far that mating could be
accomplished by an intertwining of tails instead of risking crushing the
females?  Just something I wanted to throw out since I've never heard it
put forth...

Matt Celeskey