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Ok, here goes. Some of you are going to be really upset about
this, and some of you are going to be really glad to get the info.
I was talking to an old friend just now. He's in the fossil/mineral
business, selling odd bits of stuff. He has a huge assortment of
dino fossil replicas (including the gorgeous Archeopteryx cast
you see in most museums).
He also has some real dino stuff, ranging from $20 for a Hadrosaur
tail vertebra to a Hypacrisaur vertibra that's 21" tall
and sells for $600. He's got Allosaurus teeth (only a small
three-digit number), as well as teeth and other bits from
Ankylosaurus, Troodont, Parasaurolyphys, Albertasaurus,
Struthomimus, Apatasaur, and so forth. Looking over my notes,
he's got claws, teeth, and bones. He's got an Albert tibia
34" long that I didn't even ask the price for.
Most of his stuff is stuff so common that every museum has
six or seven of them and I doubt anyone would object to him
selling some extras. I was, however, a little upset to
hear that he had a rare Allosaurus Juvenile Foot Claw
for sale. THAT one needs to be bought by someone who loans it
to a real museum.
I'm not sure what the rules are for 'advertising' on the net
and hence probably won't do it again, but as I said he's an old
friend and I said I'd post his number 1-800-FOSSILS on the newsgroup
and take the whipping if I offended any rules. There is someone else
selling stuff on the dinonews as we all know, and no one has objected
that I've seen. And he's only one of 50 dealers in such things
so it's not really like refusing to post his number is going to
have any impact on the market. But if you want to have on
your mantle a "common" fossil that doesn't detract from the
greater scientific knowledgebase but does inspire all of
your friends to think dinos, support dinos museums, and buy
dino books, there's the number.
I'll just go strap myself into the caning frame over here and
accept the wrath of those who don't want fossils in private hands.
And anyone with a degree in Paleontology who wants to stop by
and look through my display cases is welcome, just call ahead.
And just so you'll all have the opinion of someone in that business
on the Baccaus bill, he said: "No big deal. It's been so wattered
down it will have no effect on us". He also said that most of
his dinos stuff came from Indian lands because the government could
not stop the Indians from selling stuff and "the indians don't care".
I don't think he meant that as a racist remark but apologize if
anyone is offended by it, and it does seem to be true.
Ok, the cuffs are nice and snug and my trousers are down around
my ankles.