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Re: dinosaur sexes

At 02:37 PM 10/6/95 -0400, you wrote:
>     ok
>     if we're discussing sexes of dinosaurs...what do you call a boy 
>     dinosaur and what do you call a girl dinosaur?   Does it change with 
>     major nodes?  Is it always the same?
>     a cock and hen? -closest to bird types?
>     a bull and cow? 
>     a male and female?
>     a tom and queen? 
>     a stallion and mare?
>     a boy and girl?
>     a dinosaur and dinosauresse?
>     What?  What?
>     -Betty Cunningham
        You forgot our favorite one for the Californian dino's  Dude and
Dudette, but only if found in close proximity of the beach. : )-Jen