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Re: Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus

I find that there's no reason why the name Brontosaurus cannot still be used
to some extent.

Most modern-day animals have both a scientific name and a popular name.  For
example, we normally refer to _Panthera leo_ as the lion.  So, while the
scientific name of one Apatosaur is _Apatosaurus excelsus_, we may informally
call it Brontosaurus as a popular name.  Bakker, however, considers
Brontosaurus to be the proper scientific name!  No way...

We really should make up some popular names for dinosaurs.  It gets to be a
pain in the neck using ONLY scientific names when referring to dinosaurs.  Of
course, we already have a few.  'Raptor' refers to all dromaeosaurs.
'Duckbill' refers to all hadrosaurs.  I use 'rex' to represent _Tyrannosaurus
rex_, and 'rex' is already used by others.  For example, in Jurassic Park,
they call the T. rex, simply, rex.  "The big rex."
And another popular name is 'bonehead' for all pachycephalosaurs.  

Bakker made up some nicknames for dinosaurs in Raptor Red.  Whiptail for
diplodocids.  Segno for segnosaurs.  Astro for Astrodons.  Deinonych for
Deinonychus. Acro for Acrocanthosaurus.  Sinorn for Sinornis.  And so on.  

I made up a few nicknames for dinosaurs.  I call Troodontids 'troons'.
 Deinonychus 'dienicks'.  Titanosaurs 'titans'.  Tenontosaurs 'tenonts'.  So
on.  Troon is my favorite nickname of all -- doesn't it sound neat?

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)