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>The original fossil, from which Coelophysis was named, was so fragmentary
that some believe it couldn't be >distinguished as a new dinosaur.  

Thats strange, they find several hundred individuals , juvenile to adult,
including nearly complete articulated skeletons. Chinle Form, Ghost Ranch,
New Mexico, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, US
[COELOPHYSIS bauri (Cope,1889) Coelophysis > C.bauri Cope,1889 (= Coelurus
bauri   (Cope,1887) ]

>So the excellent, complete, distinguishable fossils found at Ghost Ranch,
POSITIVELY known to be a new >species of dinosaur, were recently named
_Rioarribasaurus colberti_.  The original Coelophysis has been >reexamined
and scientists seem to have come up with a new idea -- Coelophysis (type
specimen) and >Rioarribasaurus (Ghost Ranch specimens) are really two
completely different dinosaurs!  

So now we have a new ceratosaurian: RIOARRIBASAURUS  Hunt & Lucas,1991
Saurischia Theropoda Ceratosauria Podokosauridae and Coelophysis aswel as
Syntarsus remain?

With regards
Fred Bervoets