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Re: dinosaur sexes

> what do you call a boy dinosaur and what do you call a girl dinosaur?

  I was going to reply with a joke ("sir" and "madame", particularly
for _T._rex_), but the more I thought about it, the more it sounded
like interesting etymology.  So, on due thought, at least for the ones
large enough to warrant "sir" and "madame", I'm going to suggest
"king" and "queen", on the grounds that (1) there is a traditional
association of size and power with royalty, and (2) there are words
for these terms -- or words that will do -- in most common languages,
so translation would not be a problem.
  I might even consent to "king" and "queen" for a small one that
looked as if it could give me a good bite...

  BTW, what do we call a bunch of young ones?  Probably a litter,
but who knows.

                                                --  Jay Freeman