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Re: Coelophysis and Rioarriba...

<<Does anyone know where Coelophysis and Rioarribasaurus are at now?  And,
if they really do turn out to be two completely different dinos, lumpers
face a problem.  Some paleontologists, and some dino-buffs like me,
consider _Syntarsus rhodesiensis_ to be a species of the (former)
Coelophysis (Coelophysis rhodesiensis). But if the Ghost Ranch dinos are
now Rioarribasaurus, would lumpers have to change _Coelophysis
rhodesiensis_ to _Rioarribasaurus rhodesiensis_?>>

It would be rearranged as _Syntarsus rhodesiensis_ (_zimbabwensis?:), and
_Syntarsus (=Rioarribasaurus) colberti_; thus making _Rioarribasaurus_ a
useless name.

Peter Buchholz