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Re: DINOSAUR digest 625

 Nigel Woodger wrote:

  "Hi all
Do any of you know of any examples of dinosaurs appearing in fiction BEFORE
1912 (ie before Conan Doyles Lost World)? I have already found a few:- Bleak
House, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and the short stories The Lizard,
The Lost Continent, and The Monster of Lake La Metrie. Do any of you know of
any others?
Any help gratefuly received.

Check out the entire works of Edgar Rice Burroughs Spike.  If you can wade
thru this prodigeous body of work, as I did in my  youth,  I'm sure you'll
find dinosaurs and other paleo inspired creatures in Pelucidor, Barsoom and
yes, even Africa with Tarzan.

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