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Re: Tyrannosaurus rex and its youngsters (fwd)

> Another possibility is that, as has already been discussed, females of these
> theropods had the proverbial 'upper hand'. It has become clear in recent tests
> of genetic parentage in bird clutches that females are 'using' males more than
> vice versa (e.g. the female mates with as many males as possible to promote
> sperm competition and hence 'fitter' juvs, while convincing the male that he 
> is
> using his time and energy to produce 'his' kids).

     Would someone explain exacly what makes this work?  Why don't the 
first sperm introduced into the female reach just the ovary first?  Are 
the various male's sperm competing somehow to reach the ovary?  If so, 
what bearing does that have on the genetic information in the sperm, what 
the offspring would be like?  I wouldn't think a relatively weak sperm 
would mean that its DNA would code for a relatively unfit offspring.

LN Jeff