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Re: Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus

> Can anyone tell me what argument, if any, Bakker uses on behalf of his 
position that Brontosaurus is actually the correct name?
      Bakker makes the point that Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus were both 
named by Marsh (or was it Cope?  errrrgh!), and that it is therefore doing 
him no disservice to use the more familiar name.  Since Brontosaurus is more 
familiar to the public (he argues) there is no harm is keeping this name.
     Personally, I use "Apatosaurus", mainly because I have been hearing 
and using it for almost as long during my (very short) adult life as I was 
hearing "Brontosaurus" when I was little.  I think children today are at least
as familiar with "Apatosaurus" as "Brontosaurus", even if thier parents 

LN Jeff