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Feathered dinosaurs

Hi, girls and boys! I'm here again.
RaptorRKC said that there is no integumentary impressions known from little the
ropods. That's not correct, my friend! I know one (actually, the one I work wit
h):_Pelecanimimus polyodon_. We have some "impressions" of some kind of tegumen
t. We have to make a detailed analysis yet, but I can say to you now that there
 is a 90% of probabilities that those impressions aren't feathers. They can be
the skin impression, or some kind of hair-like structure, but they are not feat
hers like we know them. I have seen several fossil feathers from the same fossi
l site (and from other fossil sites) and they look very different. So we have s
ome available information about the feathered theropods: we know one (a ornitho
mimosaur) that wasn't feathered.
That's all for now, folks! Nino.