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Pterosaurs of N-Italy

Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia is doing his post-doc at the Department of Geology,
Paleontology and Geophysic of the University of Padova (Italy) (fax
0039/49/8272070). He is the Curator of the Paleontological Museum of
Monfalcone (Italy) ( tel. 0039/481/40014). He discussed his Ph.D.
dissertation on the triassic pterosaurs at the University of Modena. At the
present he is studying the triassic pterosaurs of Northern Italy, mainly the
new specimens from Friuli region (NE Italy) (osteology, taxonomy, dating,
deposition and life environment). He is also working on the dinosaur
evidences on the carbonate platform of the Adriatic region (Italy, Slovenia,
Croazia). In particular he is researching dinisaur footprints in the
cretaceous of Istria (Croazia) with a grant from "The Dinosaur Society". The
study of sauropod bones of Early Cretaceous age from this region is also in
progress. Anyone interested on these subjects can contact him. He will be at
the SPV meeting in Pittsburgh. Please mercy for his scarce knowledge of
english language.

Best regards from Italy
dr. Paolo Maddaleni