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Re[2]: Pledge drive ? (was Sue and the president)

>From: Tamira@aol.com
 > Only problem I can see is the number of people who would be afraid to
 > contribute for fear that the attempt would only cause the person holding the 
 > money to flee for South America....
>>So, get somebody "well-known" to hold the money.
Like the Dinosaur Society, maybe?   It seems like good publicity.
 > and what if we DON'T raise a million?
 >  Does everyone get their money back or will it be understood that it can be 
 > considered to be a contribution to further research. 
 The Dinosaur Society convienently does contribute to dinosaur research 
 already.  This shouldn't be difficult for them to add as a special event.  
>>Well, to start, I would not even collect the money until we had 
>>enough pledges to get into the right ballpark.  So, the only issue 
>>then is, what happens if we lose the bidding?
good question....Ice cream for everyone?  
>First get the pledges, not just from here, but also from all appropriate 
>Usenet groups (sci.bio.paleontology, sci.geo.geology, and so on). 
alt.conspiracy.theory-type groups would be good.
>Then make arrangements for collection.  A special bank account would 
>be a good way to do this.  These can be gotten by forming a non- 
>profit organization to collect the money and getting a bank account 
>in its name. (You know, the Save Sue Foundation, or something like 
>that).  The pledges would then be sent as checks made out to the 
>>Then the foundation President bids for Sue.
of course this would have to be done with wass-his-face-that-owns-Sue's 
foreknowledge.  No use getting the amount and then finding out it had been sold 
weeks earlier to a Japanese Corporation.